Vol. 14, No. 1 January 2005

Cover Story

Get Full Picture of Imaging Overuse

Some health plans do a good job clamping down on PET, CT, and MRI technologies, whose costs can grow even faster than pharmacy. Despite this success, serious doubts remain about whether imaging use can be contained in the long run.

Promoting Breast Cancer Screening

Insurers have come up with creative ways to encourage women to get mammograms.

Medicare Leads, But Few Follow

Medicare’s Ambulatory Payment Classifications is a system for controlling outpatient costs that HMOs have been slow to adopt.

Harvard Pilgrim’s Progress

How CEO Charles Baker righted this listing insurer to the point where it is now sailing smoothly.

Paying for Performance Is No Sure Bet

There are some serious questions about how bold these initiatives are and how likely they are to work.

The Great Drug Development Debate

John Abramson, MD, on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and author of “Overdosed America,” talks with Managed Care.


Editor’s Memo

A real imaging problem.

Legislation and Regulation

EMR project lacks seed money.

News and Commentary

NCQA Hopes 10-Best Lists Spur Consumer Interest
Cost of Coverage Forces Search For ‘Alternatives’
Generic prescription fill rates vary widely across the country [chart]
Headlines on Deadline…

Compensation Monitor

Docs as businessmen: Not always a fit.

Formulary Files

Too much choice confuses physicians.

Tomorrow’s Medicine

New approach for MS raises questions.


Health care spending slows.

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