Young physicians not keen on rural areas

Residents and fellows want to work in the suburbs or city, where they have professional and personal ties, according to a survey by Cejka Search. The company gave questionnaires to about 16,000 residents and fellows. Of the 750 respondents, 95 percent said that they would prefer to work in the suburbs. Eighty-four percent selected a city as one of their first two choices. Thirty-two percent would not even consider working in a rural area.

“These are not surprising results, given that family ties (72 percent), lifestyle (52 percent), and proximity to their medical training (38 percent) are the top three personal reasons that factor into selecting a practice location,” the survey states.

Of course, no matter where they land, compensation is important: 701 residents and fellows answered the question about pay. Expectations varied widely among specialties. “Answers ranged from four pathologists expecting less than $150,000 to a single anesthesiologist expecting $500,000 or more.” And 75 percent expect a signing bonus. “Among these physicians, one third expected $15,000 or less, with another third expecting between $15,000 and $25,000.”

The physicians with greatest representation in the survey are internal medicine (13 percent), family medicine (9 percent), pediatrics (6 percent), anesthesiology (6 percent), ob/gyn (5 percent), and psychiatry (5 percent). No other specialty is greater than 5 percent.

What annual starting salary, excluding signing bonus, do you expect?

What signing bonus do you expect?

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