2016 Editorial Calendar

January Health information exchanges
February Managed care and generational attitudes of physician; caregiving and long-term insurance
March Health insurance
April Biomarkers
May Diabetes
June “Convenience medicine”: Telemedicine, retail pharmacies, house calls and other topics
July Autoimmune disease
August Women’s health
September Election 2016
October Cancer
November Medical directors and officers
December Year in review/year in preview

Our theme issues will have some content related to other subjects. How much will vary with the issue. Selection of those subjects will depend on events and our news judgment.

Our standing departments include Cancer Watch, which covers developments in oncology and cancer causes and prevention; Legislation & Regulation, which covers developments in health care law, regulation, and policy; Medication Management, which covers developments related to pharmaceutical formularies and drug coverage, pricing, and distribution; and Tomorrow’s Medicine, a column by Dr. Thomas Morrow that discusses a new drug or device.