Welcome to the Redesigned Managed Care Magazine Website

Life is change. We here at Managed Care are breathing new life into our website by changing its look, but not only the look. Sure, it is more streamlined and easier on the eyes, but the change that excites us is in the content, which is richer and more interactive. Our home page is now a blog, and will feature short, pointed, readable articles by a varied group of contributors—people from many areas of health care, from present and former health plan medical directors to pharmacy experts, practicing physicians, consumer and employer advocates and representatives, and people active in many other sectors of health care.

We hope to promote dialog on significant issues among the many people in health care who visit our site. Our new format allows for many more authors and categories of information and argument than can be accommodated in our flagship, the monthly Managed Care magazine, which is the best-read monthly publication in its category. We will post current articles from Managed Care, as we always have.

This new blog is a blank slate. See an article that could use some support, or maybe a rebuttal? We are interactive: You are invited to post responses to any item. We also invite you to contribute in a more substantial way by sending appropriate submissions directly to [email protected]

John Marcille, Editor of Managed Care