Managed Care


January 1998

Writing software that will do what you want easily is no simple task. A southeastern Virginia health system has devised an apparently effective program to track diagnoses, outcomes and care procedures.
James Schultz
Physician practice management companies are becoming more powerful — they're the "next big thing" in the field of managed care. PPMs seem to make good partners for managed care companies, but might they also be treading on health plans' turf?
Peter Wehrwein
Ever want to get past the hype and ask a physician practice management company what makes it right — or not right — for you? Managed Care invited two experts to a freewheeling discussion.
PRO: Paul Keckley ; CON: Jeff Denning
Time is up for health plans to comply with the federal Mental Health Parity Act, which took effect Jan. 1. Will the spirit of the law really be felt in its implementation?
Businesses create coalitions to improve leverage on health plans' prices and policies. The head of a coalition of coalitions talks about what these groups are looking for and why they feel they need to work together.