June 1998

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DM Program Parts for Sale (Some Assembly Required)

Some HMOs have created a third way when confronted with the question of building or buying a disease management program.
Frank Diamond
High-quality care is only part of the secret to scoring well on HEDIS. Understanding how to ‘do’ HEDIS is equally important. The business of HEDIS help is thriving.
Michael D. Dalzell
Managed care profits have gone through the wringer, but premium hikes, coupled with some fundamental changes, may reverse the industry’s fortunes.
Peter Wehrwein
There’s a low-key war going on between community pharmacies and the big guys that offer drugs by mail. Is this about money or medicine?
Jean Lawrence
An executive with the nation’s second-largest health care buyer discusses issues raised by HMOs’ financial losses, direct contracting and the challenges of building better information systems.
Poor marketing and lack of a pre-existing condition clause opened the gates to patients who got specific services and then left.


Editor’s Memo
John A. Marcille
Washington Initiatives

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