December 1999

They’re young, they’re hungry, and they claim to be approaching business problems from a different angle. Will these entrepreneurs succeed?

Steve Heimoff

Cost pressures that plans associate with rising drug expenditures result partly from their own largesse. Solutions: Restore consumerism and forge a common agenda with drug companies.

Michael D. Dalzell

This former journalist is participating in one of the biggest stories of our time: Helping health plans and physicians locate that elusive point where doing the right thing and maximizing bottom lines intersect.
United HealthCare’s move to make advance authorization “obsolete” generated headlines. Inside the industry, however, the reaction was muted.

Steve Heimoff

At the very least, patients could be directed to a web site where they download registration forms, complete them, and mail them to your office.

Karen A. Zupko Cheryl L. Toth