February 1999

Legislative Onslaught May Force Conversion to Universal System

We may be heading toward a single-payer health care system — without showing the public all the uncomfortable implications.

Smaller purchasers are less likely than larger ones to use health plan report cards, but to say they don’t care is unfair. More information about providers would help.

The Short, Unhappy Lives of Too Many DM Programs

A disease management program by any other name might go belly up — pronto. But there are ways to avoid the quick fizzle.

HMOs, employers happier with their PBMs

A Conversation with Lawyer Jeffery M. Alexander: Recovering From The PPM Debacle

Although most PPMs turned out not to be knights in shining armor, there are other organizational models that can truly help physician practices.

It’s Time To End The Productivity Bonus!

Why put impediments in the way of a physician you’re offering to take into the practice? The productivity bonus can work against you both.

Jeffrey Denning



Consensus Eludes Medicare Commission As Deadline for Recommendations Nears


Managed Care Reform: How Texas Pulled Off What Washington Can’t


Medical directors paid too little?


It’s OK To Ignore Referral Bans In Certain Cases, HCFA Indicates

HMO penetration tops 70% in largest HMO markets

News & Commentary

NYLCare Settles Rx Beef

Pharmacy Carries Health Care Stocks To 1.9% Gain in ’98

Reform Drumbeat Picks Up; Speaker Hastert Says He Hears It

In Separate Cases, Aetna, HIP Partner Face Tough Battles

New Texas AG Weighs Next Move In HMO Lawsuits

Doctors Bypassed As More Medicine Purchased Online

Docs Say Targets No Way To Lower C-Section Rates

AHCPR’s Online Guidelines Tool Open for Business

Headlines On Deadline…

KP/Calif. Must Cover Viagra

Marginally frightening

New Trade Group For DM Industry Has Bold Goals