April 2000

In a familiar cartoon, a professor writes long, learned equations on a blackboard. To connect the profundities on either end, he writes in the middle, “Then a miracle occurs.” IPAs, done well, are the miracles that connect the ends of health care.
Karen L. Trespacz, J.D.
DaimlerChrysler wants all HMOs that it deals with to use the same forms and clinical guidelines in the treatment of five common conditions.
Steve Heimoff
These arrangements too often become a hindrance instead of a help. Simple precautions today can help prevent major headaches later on.
Mark Abernathy
The colorful president of the People’s Medical Society foresees fewer hospitals, more DM, “teledocs,” and an end to legislation by body part.
Doctors who use the news media to criticize others, rather than initiate a constructive dialog about difficult issues, help erode the profession’s influence.
Tim Olsen