November 2001

While health plans battle for market share, 38 million Americans are uninsured. At least some could be signed up, but pursuing them is not without risk.
Michael D. Dalzell
Federal health officials were slow to get out the word that doxycycline and penicillin are also approved for use against anthrax.
Frank Diamond
It doesn’t take much to help reduce the stress a patient experiences in a clinical setting. Be mindful of surroundings.
Kim Baughan-Young
John Morrison, MD
Niki K. Bergauer, RN, BS
Debbie Jacques, MPH
Suzanne K. Coleman, RNC, MSc
Gary J. Stanziano, MD
Washington Watch
Michael Levin-Epstein
With Congress debating renewal of the Mental Health Parity Act, it can be argued that Sept. 11 added urgency to expanding access to behavioral services.
Madeleine A. Estabrook