March 2002

Sensing an invasion of their territory, MCOs are jumping into a market forged by a group of upstarts. The development renews a fundamental debate about the juxtaposition of consumer involvement, cost containment, cost shifting, and quality of care.

Michael D. Dalzell

California sets a precedent again, with a bold effort to regulate the HMO industry. While the new Department of Managed Health Care is facing down 50,000 consumer gripes monthly, director Daniel Zingale intends to keep administrative red tape from overwhelming plans, patients, providers, and his department.

Charles Downey

Our neighbors to the north deliver care that is cheaper, but there are disputes concerning quality and growing unrest with irrational rationing.

Marlene Piturro, PhD, MBA

Some vendors are moving from offering just a few programs to embracing systems that try to deal with all the complicated overlaps.

John Carroll