Managed Care


November 2005

Hill Physicians Medical Group, one of the largest IPAs in the country, has learned to deliver what managed care plans want
Frank Diamond
Fortune 500 employers are ready to shed old benefit models for "managed consumerism"
MargaretAnn Cross
Health plans and employers want to know more than just who needs help. They want to know who has the most to gain.
John Carroll
Health plans can work directly with customers to design RA management plans that address indirect but substantial costs
F. Randy Vogenberg, RPh, PhD ; Debbie Liebeskind ; Anne M. Ritter
This biologics industry spokesman knows that health plans can only be won over by the financial argument.
The current underwriting cycle is long in the tooth, but experts still see profitability ahead
Ed Silverman

Legislation & Regulation
Congress wanted to know if it would be OK for pharmacy benefits managers to participate in Medicare Part D. Answer: Yes.
John Carroll
Medication Management
With a dizzying array of coverage possibilities, there is a strong possibility that some people who would benefit will fail to enroll in any plan
Martin Sipkoff
Tomorrow's Medicine
This nutritional supplement might be an inexpensive way to improve glycemic control for the 18 million Americans with diabetes
Thomas Morrow, MD