March 2005

If clinical mistakes were as common as clerical ones, nobody would leave a hospital alive. Something needs to be done, and done soon.

Michael S. Victoroff, MD

A significant number of consultants, insurers, politicians, and, oh yes, the companies that purchase health care are increasing their interest.

John Carroll

There aren’t enough geriatricians to go around, but judicious use of these specialists can still do a lot for an aged population.

MargaretAnn Cross

DTC’s reputation as a bully may be largely overstated. There’s little evidence that sales of specific drugs increase.

Martin Sipkoff

As a vice president of Pfizer Health Solutions, a major DM company, John Sory knows how difficult it is to bring systematic care to the chronically ill.
The company’s Mid-Atlantic States Region has seen impressive savings since launching one of its disease management programs.

Frank Diamond


John A. Marcille
Standardizing health plan administrative processes and eliminating duplication of effort would go a long way toward strengthening the doctor-insurer relationship.
William F. Jessee, MD
A consortium of employers is paying the pharmacy benefit manager a new administration fee but taking all rebates and discounts.
MargaretAnn Cross
A single strand of nucleic acid may hold the key to treating the leading cause of severe vision loss and blindness resulting from age-related macular degeneration.
Thomas Morrow, MD

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