Managed Care


April 2006

While DM is now mainstream, it can still be difficult to judge a program's worth. Health plans faced with renewing DM contracts have a lot to think about.
Maureen Glabman
This Employee Benefit Research Institute official sees little change in the level of health benefits so long as unemployment remains low
With access only to claims data, health plans strive to promote the importance of screening to their providers
Tony Berberabe
Dietary supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids in U.S. males is associated with fewer cardiovascular fatalities and lower costs
Jordana K. Schmier, MA ; Nancy J. Rachman, PhD ; Michael T. Halpern, MD, PhD
Fifty bucks to fill out a questionnaire, a discount on a membership at the gym — these are some ways to get members to make a commitment
Lola Butcher

Legislation & Regulation
Many physicians question the fairness of a deal between the American Medical Association and the government that give doctors a bonus when they follow certain rules
John Carroll
Medication Management
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina is waiving its copayments for generic drugs in a unique six-month pilot program
Martin Sipkoff