May 2009

If You Think It’s Bad Now, Plans Could See Worse

Dwindling market share, rising costs, and a drastic drop in investment income buffet the health insurance industry
Great work is being done in many places, says an executive of the Commonwealth Fund in a wide-ranging discussion
If you are looking for direct aid, you are probably out of luck, but a goodly amount will help health insurers indirectly
These tests can be expensive. Worse, they can pave the way for enormous costs, some unwarranted. And there are more of them every year.
You don’t want to send money down a rat hole, but then again, off-label usage may be just what a patient needs
With diagnosis accounting for 10 percent of medical costs, there’s a big opportunity to save. Did someone say ‘diagnosis benefit manager’?



Legislation & Regulation
When a new UCR database is created, how will health plans change their out-of- network payment policies?
Medication Management
New order-level systems could save $20 billion by preventing adverse events
Tomorrow’s Medicine
A development in the catheterization lab involves using a flexible catheter tip to provide 360 degrees of motion
Managed Care Outlook