Managed Care


November 2009

These re-engineered versions of the primary care practice have been discussed since 1967. Has their time come at last?
Steven R. Peskin, MD, MBA, FACP
Diet and exercise are increasingly seen as only the first steps in a journey that should include medication for weight maintenance
Tom Reinke
You don’t have to be an experienced psychiatrist to puzzle out the ethical dilemmas of health care delivery today. But for this ethics-program pioneer, it helps.
The government committee charged with helping health plans and providers choose best treatments suggests 100 areas of interest
Frank Diamond
Alan Adler, MD, MS ; Craig Lipkin, MS ; Lisa Cooper, MSW ; Michael Agolino, MSW ; Violet Jones, RN

Legislation & Regulation
The state’s experience is that providers are unwilling or unable to buy into the process
John Carroll
Medication Management
Narrowing the coverage gap will help beneficiaries, health plans, and even pharmaceutical companies. Just how to do that is debatable.
Martin Sipkoff
Plan Watch
The historically strong relationship between Rocky Mountain Health Plans and its doctors helps contain costs
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow's Medicine
Health plans can benefit when these therapeutic ATMs are used because of their ability to track dispensing data
Thomas Morrow, MD