September 2009

Physicians are really getting ticked off, just as they were in the ’90s, but it is possible to reduce their pain without abandoning the process

John Carroll

This spokesman for PBMs urges Congress to learn from his industry’s experience in driving down costs
Train an in-house team to help make the transition smooth by determining who is affected, and how

Jillian Harrington, MHA

They learned a lot from the avian flu scare of 2005 and are now ready to handle a swine flu epidemic this fall

Tony Berberabe, MPH


Despite all the talk about HIPAA privacy protections, there was little action. New regulations are intended to ensure compliance.
John Carroll
A Boston University law professor proposes that Medicare allow health plans to negotiate aggressively with pharmaceutical companies
Martin Sipkoff
The Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve is delivered through cardiac catheterization, a favorable alternative to chest surgery
Thomas Morrow, MD