April 2011

With hospitals facing penalties for readmissions, there perhaps has never been a better time for insurers to address this vexing problem

Frank Diamond

An expert in improving safety in hospitals sees a need to apply more scientific rigor to outcomes data and quality improvement efforts

In an evolving market, insurers want to see what members’ relationships with retail health clinics will look like

MargaretAnn Cross

Low-birth-weight outcome was reduced when women participated in a managed maternity program, compared with nonparticipants

Mary V. Mason MD, MBA, FACP ; Amy Poole-Yaeger MD, FAAP ; Brad Lucas MD, MBA, FACOG ; Cathie R. Krueger, RN, BSN ; Tamim Ahmed, Ph.D, MBA


Editor’s Memo
John Marcille
Legislation & Regulation

Red states aren’t the only ones that might seek ACA waivers

John Carroll
Medication Management

Formulary design, contracting, and other strategies will be key to maximizing the opportunities of brand patent expirations

Thomas Reinke
Tomorrow’s Medicine

Some hospitals are considering installing copper surfaces to cut down on the spread of pathogens

Thomas Morrow, MD

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