Managed Care


February 2015

Health plans are using financial incentives to encourage members to pick lower-cost providers. Some worry that cutting checks will crowd out quality.
Joseph Burns
The slowdown in increases often happens during and shortly after recessions, but this time the trend may continue as the American economy perks up
Frank Diamond
But EHR use is a potential obstacle, and beneficiaries may balk at paying for what they once got at no charge
Michael D. Dalzell
Richard C. Weiss, MS ; Gary R. Bazalo, MS, MBA ; Heather Thomson, MS ; Eric Edwards, MD, PhD

Legislation & Regulation
What Obama and Congress have started, the Supreme Court could finish. If it doesn’t, the Republicans may move to undo the ACA in other ways.
Richard Mark Kirkner
Medication Management
Value-based benefit design could go a long way in managing chronic conditions. Most employers have ignored this option so far.
Thomas Reinke
Biologics in Development
Katherine T. Adams
Tomorrow's Medicine
A device for thoracic insufficiency syndrome that has been evolving for years is now more widely available
Thomas Morrow, MD