Marker Magic

Predictive biomarkers are revamping drug development and breathing new life into old and failed drugs. But this re-thinking of what works, in who, and why raises questions about cost and accessibility. Precision may be pricy.

Michael D. Dalzell

Information overload from a flood of new diagnostics forces insurers to ramp up prior authorization and utilization review.

Joseph Burns

California and other states have put monthly caps on out-of-pocket medication expenses. But the caps might shift some costs over to premiums.

Joseph Burns
The Value of Drugs: It Is Not About the Money!
Interview by Peter Wehrwein



Sarepta’s eteplirsen functions like an RNA patch so functioning dystrophin gets made. Other drugs like it may be used to treat Ebola and other viral infections.

Thomas Morrow, MD

Organized oncology isn’t ready to give up on ASP+6 payment for Medicare Part B drugs. But experimentation with value-based pricing has some supporters.

Peter Wehrwein