August 2016


Women bear the brunt of the system’s dysfunction, and their trust will be hard to earn back.
Jan Greene
Insurers should like contraceptives. They prevent expensive unintended pregnancies. But the rollout of ACA-mandated coverage has been bumpy.
Jan Greene
Guideline writers are dialing back breast screening recommendations because of concerns about false positives and overdiagnosis. But advocates and some clinicians are pulling in the opposite direction—for more coverage, especially for 3D mammography.
Susan Ladika
Women dominate health care as employees, consumers, and family “chief medical officers,” but not so much when it comes to leadership positions.
Howard Wolinsky
No glass ceiling got in the way of this accidental path into C-suite
Meritocracy at Wellpoint helped women advance
Humana, BCBS of Tennessee created opportunities
Kathryn Fitch, RN, MEd
Warner Huh, MD
Andrew Bochner, ASA, MAAA


Legislation & Regulation: Campaign 2016
His “A Better Way” health care plan proposes a scheme to replace the ACA. Both are complicated.
Richard Mark Kirkner
Value-Based Care
Doctors maintain that they simply do not have all the tools they need to make value-based care happen, even if they wanted it to happen. Health insurance executives counter that the situation is not that bad.
Frank Diamond
MediMedia Research Survey: Women’s Health Issues
ACOs may be the answer to striking the right balance between utilization and clinical outcomes, but separate Part D coverage throws a wrench into the works.
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO