September 2016

Both presidential nominees have big plans for changing the health insurance world, but hurdles are many and victory on November 8 is only the beginning. Here’s what may be in store.
Joseph Burns
This year’s two presidential nominees have taken aim at high drug prices — and pharma. A solution may require not just rhetoric but cooperation between industries.
Jan Greene
Divided into many different pressure groups, physicians mostly can live with the ACA. But now they have MACRA, MIPS, APM, and other puzzles to figure out.
Richard Mark Kirkner
Trump’s promise to repeal and replace the ACA could cut into revenues, but so could Clinton’s proposal for a public option. Readmission rates, bundled payments, ACOs — they fly under the radar of presidential politics and may continue regardless of the election results.
Robert Calandra

Value-Based Care
The law was supposed to give drugmakers freedom to share health care economic information about their products. Efforts to get clarity from the FDA are stepping up.
Michael D. Dalzell