Research Articles from Managed Care

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Jacquelyn Hunt, PharmD, MS, BCPS; Yelena Rozenfeld, MPH; Rahul Shenolikar, BS Pharm, PhD
Higher cost sharing decreases adherence to oral diabetes drugs and worsens glucose levels
Rebecca A. Malouin, PhD, MPH; Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH; Martin Jose Sepulveda, MD
Nine instruments were reviewed based on the extent that they measured the four attributes of primary care. Only one fully met the recommended criteria.
Sandra R. Parkington, MPH, RN; Nora Faine, MD, MPH; Marcia C. Nguyen; Michelle T. Lowry, MPH; Poorva A. Virginkar
Sharp Health Plan wanted to increase mammography screening for its at-risk female population. Thirty percent of at-risk members were non-adherent. Members’ reasons for avoiding screening were examined.
Gary Bazalo, MS, MBA; Richard Weiss, MS; Nathaniel Clark, MD; Berhanu Alemayehu, PhD; Felicia Forma; Garrett Ingram ME
James P. Reichmann, MBA; Michael S. Kirkbride, BSc, PharmD
Patricia R. Salber, MD, MBA; William Bestermann, MD; Stanley Schwartz MD; Albert Marchetti, MD
Bruce Bode, MD; Michael Silver, MD; Richard Weiss, MS; Kathryn Martin
Charles M. Tomlinson, MD; Chad Gray, PT; Tom Kane, PT
Capital Health Plan achieved a 79% improvement in pain scores and a 54% improvement in function scores for its members
Damon Douglas, dual PharmD/MBA candidate
A system in which individual insurance policies may be purchased for separate medical products and services is based on a medical options market and takes its cue from the financial sector