Research Articles

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Heinz Nagel, MD; Thomas Baehring, PhD; Werner A. Scherbaum, MD, PhD
Germany has been able to enroll more than a million people with type 2 diabetes in DM programs through legislation that created incentives for physicians and insurers
Joseph A. Caprini, MD, MS, FACS, RVT; Thomas M. Hyers, MD, FCCP
Deeply held, but not evidence-based, concerns about the possible risks of pharmacologic prophylaxis leave many patients at risk for DVT
Joseph R. Twanmoh, MD, FACEP; Gail P. Cunningham, MD, FACEP
Changing the process and mindset of health care professionals was the key to reducing emergency department overcrowding
Jordana K. Schmier, MA; Nancy J. Rachman, PhD; Michael T. Halpern, MD, PhD
Dietary supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids in U.S. males is associated with fewer cardiovascular fatalities and lower costs
David S. Geldmacher, MD
As with other chronic diseases of aging, early diagnosis and pharmacologic therapy may reduce the costs for enrollees with Alzheimer's disease
Mary V. Mason, MD, MBA; Kara M. House, BS, MBA; Cathy M. Fuest, RPh; Deborah R. Fitzgerald, RN; Bonnie J. Kitson, MBA; Jacqueline A. Inglis, RN, BSN, MM
Offering 17P as a benefit to pregnant women enrollees with a history of preterm delivery can reduce NICU days significantly for a Medicaid plan.
Paul Abourjaily, PharmD; William A. Gouveia, MS; Harry P. Selker, MD, MSPH; Deborah R. Zucker, MD, PhD
Substantial nondrug costs result from switching prescribed medications in response to changes in insurance coverage, and many nonreimbursed costs shift to providers and patients.
Janice Frates, PhD; Ellen Severoni, RN
As CDHPs increasingly penetrate the commercial market , their greatest contribution might lie in funding health services for retirees and in reducing the number of uninsured people by offering affordable insurance.
Mary Ann Clark, MHA; Ameet Bakhai, MD, MRCP; Elise M. Pelletier, MS; David J.Cohen, MD, MSc
This study is the first to estimate costs and medical resource use associated with restenosis involving bare metal stents in managed care percutaneous coronary intervention patients.
Mark Zitter, MBA
This article evaluates recent trends and challenges in health system management of exceedingly rare genetic diseases, from the perspective of the manufacturer, managed care organization, physician, and actuary.