Research Articles from Managed Care

James P. Reichmann, MBA Michael S. Kirkbride, BSc, Pharm D

A review of the available research identifies payment for services in the absence of high-quality scientific evidence and presents an opportunity to use evidence-based medicine to develop a clinical coverage guideline

Debra Wertz, PharmD Likun Hou, MS Andrea DeVries, PhD Leon Dupclay Jr., PharmD, PhD Frannie McGowan, PharmD, CDE Barry Malinowski, MD Mark J. Cziraky, PharmD, FAHA

The program showed significant improvements in all diabetes and hypertension-related clinical measures

Eric Q. Wu, PhD Rym Ben-Hamadi, MSc Mei Lu, MS Nicolas Beaulieu, MA Andrew P. Yu, PhD M. Haim Erder, PhD

Escitalopram patients in a Florida Medicaid population had better treatment persistence and lower total health care costs than patients prescribed citalopram

Andrew Kolbasovsky, PsyD, MBA

Determining return on investment and improvement of outcomes is essential when new programs are being tried, but the research method must be chosen carefully

Michael Toscani, PharmD Marc Riedl, MD, MS

With the advent of new disease-specific agents, some patients with HAE may find relief from its enormous physical and psychological toll

Anand A. Dalal, PhD Sean D. Candrilli, PhD Keith L. Davis, MA

The comparison found that maintenance therapy with fluticasone propionate-salmeterol combination was associated with a 14% reduction in risk of severe exacerbation, less health care utilization, and 25% lower COPD-related medical costs

Girishanthy Krishnarajah, MPH, MBA/MS Monali Bhosle, PhD Richard Chapman, PhD

A comparison of health care costs in patients with diabetes who do not initially respond to oral therapy suggests that it might be appropriate and clinically beneficial for providers to consider adding another oral agent, rather than up-titrating the current medication, particularly beyond intermediate dose levels

Richard C. Weiss, BS, MS Derek van Amerongen MD, MS Gary Bazalo, BS, MS, MBA Mark Aagren, MS Jonathan R. Bouchard, MS, RPh

Mary V. Mason MD, MBA, FACP Amy Poole-Yaeger MD, FAAP Brad Lucas MD, MBA, FACOG Cathie R. Krueger, RN, BSN Tamim Ahmed, Ph.D, MBA Ian Duncan, FSA, FIA, FCIA, MAAA

Low-birth-weight outcome was reduced when women participated in a managed maternity program, compared with nonparticipants

Amy K. O’Sullivan, PhD Jane Sullivan, MPH Keiko Higuchi, MPH A. Bruce Montgomery, MD


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