Vol. 7, No. 8 August 1998

Are You Prepared For the Next Recession?

We’d hate to spoil anyone’s fun but the good times won’t roll on forever. You can, however, survive the next recession.



Managed care and physicians are learning to get along. Is it a match made of necessity, or are the seeds of trust in place?

A Conversation With Robert A. Berenson

Making Medicare+Choice work is the primary goal of this former preferred-provider organization executive now at HCFA.

Data Access Technology Puts Physicians Under Microscope

An HMO medical director writes about how his company uses claims data to help improve physician performance.

Don’t Let DM Vendors Set the Bargaining Table

Negotiating a DM contract starts before you and the vendor sit down. Find out all you can about your target population.

First Medical School, Then Managed Care School

M.B.A. programs that are tailored specifically to busy physicians are becoming more common. We profile a few of them.


Editor’s Memo
Medicine’s Cease-fire: Is It the Real Deal?

News and Commentary
Where’s the Beef? Despite Predictions, Premiums Advance Only 3.3 Percent
New Drugs, Greater Utilization Drive Rx Costs
Drug Makers Put Half of Ad Money Into Television
What’s the risk in risk? [chart]
And now, a ‘report card’ from the doctors [chart]
Headlines on Deadline…

Washington Initiatives
Despite Being Full of Popular Ideas, GOP Reform Plan Gets Poor Reviews
Thomas, Grassley Attack HCFA Boss For Slow Service
Some Troubled By Cutbacks in Retiree Benefits
Gordon Chairs Group That Will Examine Quality
Medicare+Choice Regulations Put PSOs on Par With HMOs
Teleconsultations: HCFA Issues New Payment Rules
Take as Needed…

Compensation Monitor [chart]
Executive salaries mostly below $200,000

State Initiatives
States Defy Federal Directive Requiring Medicaid To Cover Viagra
In New York State, Employers Launch Quality Consortium
California Senate Kills Governor’s Oversight Plan
Texas Appears To Widen Probe Of Pharmacy Fines
Kentucky OKs Health-Adjusted Individual Rates

Is Medical Ethics the Same As Corporate Compliance?

Legal Forum
HCFA Implementation of Stark II Law Examines Motive in Payment Review

Managed Care Outlook [chart]
Physicians underestimate how well they’re communicating with patients

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