Which executive earns most at an HMO? (Hint: it’s not the chief medical officer.)

Whether or not the public hubbub over CEO salaries at HMOs is entirely justified, it’s clear that managed care plans’ top business decision-makers are pulling in more than their top doctors. A recent survey of the nation’s 22 publicly traded HMOs yielded comparative averages for CEO, chief operating officer, chief marketing officer, chief financial officer and chief medical officer compensation.

Average annual compensation of top executives at publicly traded HMOs, by position title

NOTE: Most figures are for 1994 fiscal year; where fiscal years ended in June or September, they are for fiscal 1995. Data not available for chief operating officer from 10 HMOs, for chief marketing officer for 18, for chief financial officer for seven and for chief medical officer for 14.

SOURCE: Pulse newsletter, SHERLOCK CO., GWYNEDD, PA.

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