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George E. Dailey III, MD
New oral treatment options and outcome measures may help patients with type 2 diabetes to achieve better results while reducing associated costs.
David M. Pariser, MD
Improved outcomes with new biologic agents are prompting physicians to integrate them into therapy for psoriasis patients.
Jaan Sidorov, MD
What went wrong between Penn State and Geisinger, and what lessons should be learned?
Judith A. Shutt
A relatively new concept in strategic management provides a way to balance quality and customer satisfaction with costs and long-range goals.
Fung Lam, MD ; Niki B. Istwan, RN, BS ; Debbie Jacques, MPH ; Suzanne K. Coleman, RNC, MS ; Gary J. Stanziano, MD
Continuous subcutaneous terbutaline infusion shows improved clinical outcomes and decreased nursery costs compared with oral tocolytics in women with recurrent preterm labor.
William Silverman, MD, FAAP
The appropriate application of criteria for the use of palivizumab can save health plans a significant amount of money.
David M. Pariser, MD
The impact of this debilitating disease has been largely underestimated, yet new biologic agents offer significant clinical benefit to those afflicted.
Julian Casciano ; Karine Amaya, PhD ; John Doyle, MPH ; Steve Arikian, MD ; Neil Shear, MD
Thomas Kaye, RPh, MBA
Assuring the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals is important to any managed care organization. Compounding in the pharmacy needs scrutiny.
Steven Andes, PhD, CPA ; Lawrence M. Metzger, PhD, CPA ; John Kralewski, PhD ; David Gans, MSHA