Managed Care


December 2002

The resurgence of what was once primarily known as the insurer of last resort has been breathtaking. Can it be sustained? Even better, replicated?
Frank Diamond
Soaring malpractice insurance rates are thinning out provider ranks in at least a dozen states. Could access problems pose issues for HMOs in those areas?
Diane Cook
Not many companies' organizational charts list a 'chief innovation officer.' At Humana, it brings visibility to a high-tech strategy for reducing care fragmentation.
Very effective if used properly, these panels are not yet widespread. However, that could change as industrial customers demand more input.
MargaretAnn Cross
"Advanced access means that if somebody wants an appointment, you offer the appointment for today." It's not that difficult to implement.
Bob Carlson

Critics complain that some HMOs withhold data, but NCQA President Margaret O'Kane responds that HMOs are exemplary in measuring and reporting quality.
Margaret E. O'Kane
Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll
Michael S. Victoroff, MD