February 2007

Whether for drugs, imaging, surgery, or emergency services, direct-to-consumer advertising sparks lively debate

MargaretAnn Cross

Doctors have a saying: ‘Half of what we know is wrong.’ In which half is the conventional wisdom that competition is society’s best hope for improving quality and controlling costs?

Maggie Mahar

Purchasers are hopeful that life after “average wholesale price” will be simpler, fairer, and, with luck, easier to grasp

Martin Sipkoff

Sticks, as well as carrots, are used in some commercial and government programs to encourage beneficiaries not to undermine their health

John Carroll


Nearly everybody’s calling on the government to make health care coverage affordable and universal
John Carroll
Fundamental differences in program structure between Medicare and the Veterans Health Administration make drug pricing negotiations problematic
Martin Sipkoff
Businesses see care management, not cost shifting, as the most important trend in health coverage
Lola Butcher
Going from bench to bedside is not always easy, especially when it comes to halting the inflammatory process after an acute myocardial infarction
Thomas Morrow, MD

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