Managed Care


April 2013

Twenty years after SDM’s introduction, health plans are seizing on it to help patients choose their treatments. The lower costs for these patients are a welcome extra.

Joseph Burns

The Catalyst for Payment Reform finds that only 10 percent of care is paid through new methods, but its executive director says shared goals and incremental change will make a difference

John Marcille

That is just one of the considerations that a biotech developer must consider when creating a new product

Partha Anbil ; Jay Anbil

There’s still a way to go in reducing elective deliveries, and different insurance systems feel far different effects

Frank Diamond

Editor's Memo
Frank Diamond
Legislation & Regulation

As different sectors of the drug industry battle, pharmacists may follow the easier — and more expensive — path

John Carroll
Medication Management

Insurers and employers apply a three-prong approach to what some experts are describing as hyperinflation

Thomas Reinke
Biologics in Development
Michael D. Dalzell
Health Technology Forecast

A summary of ECRI Institute’s Health Technology Forecast Report

Plan Watch

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina anticipated the problem years ago and invites you to join in what could be a solution

Frank Diamond