AHRQ’s national guideline clearinghouse has gone dark

The writers would like to extend their sincere appreciation to many Men and Women who left this test Potential. We're indebted for the more than 9,000 poll respondents around the nation and beyond who reacted into the provincial poll which has been used to amass a substantial number of data in service of this test of this National Guideline ClearinghouseTM.

We also Want to extend our sincere gratitude into the 55 Important informants and focus group Participants that generously shared their own time, in talking their usage of the NGC website and its effects in their job. Their insights to the exceptional applications of this NGC website, and the impact which NGC has received in the job, were tremendously valuable.
That the American College of Chest Physicians for empowering our job team to sponsor a Guideline developer focus staff in the 2010 recommendations International Network Conference, along with For letting us sponsor a health care informatics focus group at the 2010 AMIA Annual Symposium. The leading planning support and individualized care of the ACCP and also AMIA personnel were Key elements contributing to this success of the the rule programmer and healthcare informatics focus groups.