Managed Care


February 2004

Advances are coming at a furious rate. Health plans find it difficult to separate the cost-efficient from the rest.
John Carroll
Boards and managers need to perform better for this sector to continue offering the best care to those who might otherwise fall through the cracks.
When American Healthways posted a collaborative methodology on its Web site, not everyone in the industry applauded.
John Carroll
Tapping into local foundations' expertise and knowledge is one way managed care can start to reinvent itself.
Bob Carlson
New oral treatment options and outcome measures may help patients with type 2 diabetes to achieve better results while reducing associated costs.
George E. Dailey III, MD

Legislation & Regulation
Getting less-than-hale elderly enrolled can finally be a sound business strategy for HMOs that comprehend the new rules and have sufficient IT capability.
John Carroll
Compensation Monitor
Tomorrow's Medicine
With two new treatments available, earlier diagnosis of alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency won't leave patients breathless for too long.
Thomas Morrow, MD
Employer Update
In a new study of how consumer-directed plans are doing, one finding is that lower premiums was not a major factor in whether workers selected such a plan.
MargaretAnn Cross
Managed Care Outlook