November 2015

The MD degree once led to a predictable career in practice—and, eventually, maybe some teaching or work as a clinician executive. Today, it’s a ticket to a burgeoning industry that’s changing the delivery of care.
Timothy Kelley
Both sides agree that there’s been a de-escalation in tensions in the insurer–physician relationship over the past decade. But it isn’t all sweetness and light now, either.
Frank Diamond
The trickle-down approach to coverage—worry about employers and consumer satisfaction takes care of itself—doesn’t work in the new health care environment. CXOs gain traction.
Joseph Burns
Abhishek Chitnis, MPharm, PhD
Shawn X. Sun, PhD
Shailja Dixit, MD, MPH
Rosa Wang, MHA
Alie Tawah, BA


Legislation & Regulation
Anti-ACA states moved to limit what navigators could do, but court orders and CMS rulings have invalidated some of those restrictions.
Richard Mark Kirkner
Cancer Watch
Early results from a University of Alabama at Birmingham study, paid for by CMS, show that lay guides could save over $27,000 per patient per year.
Julie Corliss
Medication Management
Cardinal Health and McKesson see a future in an idea that has had difficulty taking root.
Thomas Reinke
Biologics In Development
Katherine T. Adams
Tomorrow’s Medicine
Boston Scientific’s Synergy stent is designed so the drug-eluting polymer breaks down. Are totally bioresorbable stents far behind?
Thomas Morrow, MD
Knowing the law and keeping careful records may head off fraud and significant legal expenses.
Merle DeLancey

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