Prime Therapeutics Says ‘Super Spender’ Numbers Are Growing

Those with annual drug spend of $250K or more has increased by 60%

Researchers at Prime Therapeutics say that number of “super spenders”—people whose drug costs are $250,000 or more—among the 17 million people it covers increased from just under 3,000 in 2016 to nearly 5,000 two years later. That works out to be about a 60% increase, and the super spenders accounted for about $2 billion in drug spending in 2018, according to Prime, which presented these numbers at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Nexus meeting this week in National Harbor, Maryland.

Prime had released much of the same information in a press release in early October.

The number of people in Prime’s plans whose annual drug costs are $750,000 or higher—the “elite super spenders”—increased from 256 to 354 in that same period, according to the not-for-profit PBM that serves Blues plans.

Source: Prime Therapeutics, October 3 press release