Vol. 9, No. 6 June 2000

Doing Well by Doing Good

Minnesota’s HealthPartners helps to introduce Uganda dairy farmers to prepaid health care. Care and delivery improve.

Cover Story

Physician Incentives: Fading Away

Health plans use financial incentives less and less to control utilization and physician behavior. Public outcry over perceived wrongdoings, plus government and legal oversight, are why.

The Doctor Will See You, You, and You Now

Group medical appointments offer support to patients who need it. They also improve patient and physician satisfaction.

Q&A: Why Can’t Medicine Be Like Business?

Jim Astuto, a regional manager in GTE’s Healthcare Management Group, doesn’t like what he perceives in health care: a lack of collective commitment to quality improvement.

Home Health Plunge: Will it Hurt MCOs?

The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 derailed millions of dollars allocated for agencies. How this could affect Medicare HMOs.


Editor’s Memo

Speed bump or brick wall?

News and Commentary

Wave of the Future? Illinois Docs To Be Paid for E-mail With Patients
Tennessee Gives Medicaid Program New Lease on Life
Big Plans Turn Profits, Smaller Ones Still Hurt
Kaiser Changes Prescribing Policy For Psychiatrists
Year Later, Aetna’s Cut-Rate Product Has Few Takers
Medicare HMO Quit Rate Tied To Drug Benefit
Drug spending could double by 2004 [chart]
Headlines on Deadline…

Washington Watch

Pharmaceutical use under microscope.

State Initiatives

Texas seen as model for negotiating.

Compensation Monitor

What top executives earn. [table]

Legal Forum

Expect more suits over doctor pay.


“Sorry, Beethoven. You have no future.”

Managed Care Outlook

HMO growth rate nearly flat. [charts]