Vol. 14, No. 10 October 2005


Tax Reform Could Remake Insurance

Senate Majority Leader William Frist hears the rumblings. Conservatives and liberals alike think that it might be time to end the tax exclusion for job-sponsored health benefits.

CDHC Will Change Your Job

As consumer-directed health plans become more popular, physician executives will need to hone marketing and other business skills.

Mistakes Plans Make in Dealing With Docs

In other industries, long-term strategic partnerships between buyers and suppliers are the rule. To get there, you need to address five things that drive physicians up the wall.

Dietary Supplement Benefits Weighed

As scientific research continues, limited coverage of some products is already taking shape. There are compelling reasons why this development might have advantages.

Reduce Neonatal Intensive Care Costs

Offering 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate to women with a history of preterm delivery decreases NICU days.


Editor’s Memo

Tax reform is easier said than done.


Hurricane relief and managed care.

Legislation and Regulation

Medicare Part D starts now.

News and Commentary

Study: Push for CDHPs Runs Low on Information
P4P Programs Used To Get Docs Online
Headlines On Deadline …

Compensation Monitor

Specialists see salary hike slowdown.

Medication Management

More restrictive formularies?

Formulary Files

Should PBMs own mail pharmacies?

Tomorrow’s Medicine

Incretin hormones control diabetes.

Employer Update

Lessons from the CDHC front.


PPO costs to rise 12 percent.