Vol. 15, No. 9 September 2006

Cover Story

Managed Medicare: Encore! Encore!

Insurers are generally pleased with how the altered program has progressed so far. Now, they are creating new benefit packages and expect even more business in the next few years.

Cooperation on Adherence

Drug manufacturers have begun cooperating with health plans to devise ways to improve patient adherence. Programs include Web-based reminders, DM, and financial incentives.

PBMs Raise the Curtain

Pharmacy benefit managers have worked their magic for a long time and now efforts are under way to see exactly how they do it. Did somebody say transparency?

Q&A: IT’s Bound to Happen

Jeanne Scott, an attorney working to change how health information is processed, disagrees with President Bush “95 percent” of the time. On info technology, however, they are in agreement.

Antithrombotic Guidelines Not Followed

Deeply held, but not evidence-based, concerns about the possible risks of pharmacological prophylaxis leave many patients at risk for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.


Editor’s Memo

Adherence and the consumer.

Legislation and Regulation

Revolution in Massachusetts spreads.

Medication Management

Specialty pharmacy’s role.

Compensation Monitor

Too much ado about malpractice?

Employer Update

Little “health coaching” goes long way.

Tomorrow’s Medicine

On the human papillomavirus vaccine.


Who benefits as patents expire?

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