Medicare Advantage Indeed: Premiums in the Program Expected to Decrease by 4% Next Year

It’s not often in health care that prices for anything actually go down. It’s usually big news when the rate of increases slow. But premiums for seniors in Medicare Advantage will go down 3.6%, CMS announced. The agency estimates that the average Medicare Advantage monthly premium will decrease by $1.19 in 2017, from $32.59 on average in 2016 to $31.40. This would be 13% lower than the average Medicare Advantage premium prior to passage of the ACA. Sixty-seven percent of Medicare Advantage enrollees will see no premium increase.

“Medicare Advantage and the prescription drug benefit continue to be a great option for seniors and people living with disabilities,” said Andy Slavitt, CMS Acting Administrator. “Medicare enrollees will continue to have access to predictable premiums and high quality care.”

Source: CMS