March 1997

The idea of evidence-based medicine lies at the heart of managed care. But looking only at today's fairly crude quality indices would be like measuring a diamond with a tape measure. Does pressure for ever-improving quality 'scores' endanger the real quality of health care?
Maria Kassberg
Paul Wynn
More often than you'd think, says this attorney, malpractice cases turn on the question of whether test results were properly communicated to patients. Here's where danger lies — and how to protect yourself.
Marc Mandell, J.D.
Thinking about joining other providers in your area in an integrated health care delivery system? To ensure that your IDS isn't just a "field of dreams," be sure to take into account how you will market it.
Alan K. Vitberg, M.B.A.
Diane Soehner, M.B.A.
Can quality in health care be measured? The National Committee for Quality Assurance, the leading HMO accrediting organization, is making an ambitious attempt — and not without controversy. Here the NCQA's president offers views on the measurement effort and what it means for physicians.