September 2005

Insurers worry that these facilities will ultimately increase costs at nearby community hospitals

Ed Silverman

Biotech drugs are a quickly growing component of health plan budgets. Here are the latest management techniques.

John Carroll

The godfather of disease management talks about how the industry went wrong, and is now going right, in describing its own value
The savings to consumers and employers are apparent, but are health plans left holding the bag in mail-order pharmacy?

Martin Sipkoff


Impossible-to-enforce mandates won’t work. Pharmacy directors and others must pose the right questions to the right people.
Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA
Though there are challenges to serving the elderly, movers and shakers say that they should be able to cut costs in pilot populations by 5 percent.
John Carroll
Increasingly, treatments are being developed that combine the use of devices and medication.
Thomas Morrow, MD

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