Managed Care


September 2007

Studies by Cigna and Humana challenge some long-held assumptions about high-deductible plans
John Carroll
Gauging and rewarding good work in health care is a noble goal with potentially negative consequences
Martin Sipkoff
Even if the the goal is unattainable in this country, working toward it might produce interesting experiments in cost efficiency
Frank Diamond
The pros and cons of each weigh heavily, but ultimately, a melding may benefit patients and primary care physicians
Jaan Sidorov, MD, MHSA
Payers' drug costs for human growth hormone are related to product waste that is related to the container in which the product is supplied
Gary R. Bazalo, MS ; Ashish V. Joshi, PhD ; John Germak, MD

Legislation & Regulation
That seems to be the upshot of the debate over funding children's insurance and Medicare Advantage
John Carroll
Medication Management
Thanks to recent Supreme Court rulings, manufacturers of generic drugs are in a good position to continue expansion of their market share
Martin Sipkoff
Compensation Monitor
Tomorrow's Medicine
Otosclerosis has been traditionally managed with hearing aids and surgery, but a recent discovery may result in development of a biochemical treatment
Thomas Morrow, MD
Employer Update
Plans seem curiously unconcerned about technology that helps workers compare premiums, other features
Lola Butcher