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Managed Care


February 2008

In the face of stiff competition from a growing category of dedicated wellness companies, major health plans are launching sophisticated, ambitious programs to slake employers’ thirst for these products
Lola Butcher
Employers want to do everything within the law to make workers change their lifestyles, and they expect health plans to help
Frank Diamond
A few major corporations, sometimes with the assistance of a traditional health plan, have made significant efforts to improve employee lifestyles
John Carroll
Legislators are being urged to reward companies that provide programs for their workers, but success has been mixed
Michael Levin-Epstein
The push to mandate this electronic tool is increasing in intensity, but dealing with costs and coming up with standards remain obstacles
Martin Sipkoff
A widespread approach that incorporates various stakeholders may be necessary to change adherence behavior
Sara L. Thier, MPH ; Kristina S. Yu-Isenberg, PhD, MPH, RPh ; Brian F. Leas, MS, MA ; C. Ron Cantrell, PhD ; Sandra DeBussey

Publisher’s Memo
Timothy P. Search, RPh
Legislation & Regulation
Compared to the existing state of affairs, there’s a lot to like in mandatory coverage, but the Massachusetts experiment is a lesson to not expect miracles
John Carroll
Medication Management
A recently announced initiative is supposed to speed approval of generic drugs, but does it address some fundamental flaws in the approval process?
Martin Sipkoff
Tomorrow's Medicine
As the use of biomarkers grows, managed care companies will face tough decisions about setting limits
Thomas Morrow, MD
Plan Watch
Regence’s effort gets nod of approval from physician organization because it allows providers to respond
Frank Diamond