Managed Care


July 2011

Three health plans outline steps they are taking to deal with the effects of growing consolidation of providers
Joseph Burns
Health care reform sets the stage for employers to bow out of health care, creating an insurance market driven by individual choice, according to Harvard’s Professor Herzlinger
CMS’s vision of a new kind of managed care organization fails to demand anything of patients while placing added pressures on providers
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO, MGH
A recent report that 1 in 5 implanted defibrillators may not be needed raises questions about the medical evidence
Richard M. Kirkner
Group Health Cooperative and Geisinger Health Plan are two insurers that want members to weigh in on coverage issues
Carol Milano

Editor's Memo
John Marcille
Legislation & Regulation
Beneficiaries must soon choose between competing managed care companies, pay a $100 monthly premium, and be careful about heading over to the ER
John Carroll
Plan Watch
With the purchase of Concentra, a company that operates 300 clinics, the health insurer once again provides care
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow's Medicine
This new class of antibiotic — the macrocycles — has a greater sustained response against re-infection than vancomycin
Thomas Morrow, MD