December 2008

As premiums soar, the new Democratic majority weighs the benefits of restrictive regulation vs. the free market

John Carroll

If the health sector were like most other economic areas, having good cash flow and low exposure to investment losses would be enough. It’s not.

Peter R. Kongstvedt, MD

It was the hot topic at the DMAA annual conference because attendees could not agree on its viability

Maureen Glabman

Endocrinologists say early treatment is essential, but health plans as a group are not yet on the same page

Martin Sipkoff

James P. Reichmann, MBA Michael S. Kirkbride, BSc, PharmD


John Marcille
Insurance lobbying organizations push for guaranteed issue so long as mandatory coverage is part of the mix
John Carroll
Health plans continue to push patients towards off-label use of pain relievers and alternative treatments for symptom pain
Martin Sipkoff
Sancuso is at least as effective as the oral form of therapy, and careful attention to daily medication needs may provide a cost savings
Thomas Morrow, MD

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