Research Articles from Managed Care

Sandra R. Parkington, MPH, RN; Nora Faine, MD, MPH; Marcia C. Nguyen; Michelle T. Lowry, MPH; Poorva A. Virginkar
Sharp Health Plan wanted to increase mammography screening for its at-risk female population. Thirty percent of at-risk members were non-adherent. Members’ reasons for avoiding screening were examined.
Gary Bazalo, MS, MBA; Richard Weiss, MS; Nathaniel Clark, MD; Berhanu Alemayehu, PhD; Felicia Forma
James P. Reichmann, MBA; Michael S. Kirkbride, BSc, PharmD
Patricia R. Salber, MD, MBA; William Bestermann, MD; Stanley Schwartz MD; Albert Marchetti, MD
Bruce Bode, MD; Michael Silver, MD; Richard Weiss, MS; Kathryn Martin
Charles M. Tomlinson, MD; Chad Gray, PT; Tom Kane, PT
Capital Health Plan achieved a 79% improvement in pain scores and a 54% improvement in function scores for its members
Damon Douglas, dual PharmD/MBA candidate
A system in which individual insurance policies may be purchased for separate medical products and services is based on a medical options market and takes its cue from the financial sector
Sara L. Thier, MPH; Kristina S. Yu-Isenberg, PhD, MPH, RPh; Brian F. Leas, MS, MA; C. Ron Cantrell, PhD; Sandra DeBussey
A widespread approach that incorporates various stakeholders may be necessary to change adherence behavior
Mary V. Mason, MD, MBA; Kara M. House, MBA; Janice Linehan, PA-C, MHP; Carol A. Speers, RN; Lisa M. Joseph, RN, MBA; Ray Littlejohn
Cyril F. Chang, PhD
The old TennCare program had many flaws and detractors. Its near collapse led to a more realistic approach to providing coverage to the uninsured in Tennessee.