January 2003

Plans will have to be careful about how incentives are structured. Doctors will need to be convinced that intentions are pure.
Not long ago, managed care plans sought to reduce the rate of C-section births in the U.S. Now, C-sections are going up — and plans are going along.
With UM played out and copayments for brand-name drugs nearing most members’ pain thresholds, plans are exploring a new pharmacy frontier.
Assuring the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals is important to any managed care organization. Compounding in the pharmacy needs scrutiny.


Patients will obtain more buying power and use it wisely, with the help of dedicated professionals.
Association health plans provide a simple lesson on the wide political divide over the direction of health care reform.
New IT systems promise to reduce medical-loss ratios, improve the health status of populations, and transform relations with members. Outsourcing IT functions places the personnel burden and responsibility for regulatory compliance on the contractor.