Managed Care


September 2003

People talk about it as the sure way to control costs and give consumers the choice they seem to want. Are we being realistic?
MargaretAnn Cross
Plans looking for a low-risk way to experiment with new benefit designs might start with the pharmacy benefit.
Tony Berberabe
Society must realize that health care resources are limited and then must use them rationally. Fairly, too?
MargaretAnn Cross
Companies are decreasing their share of premiums. It remains to be seen how this will affect workers' health status.
Martin Sipkoff
A relatively new concept in strategic management provides a way to balance quality and customer satisfaction with costs and long-range goals.
Judith A. Shutt
Back from obscurity, the Patients' Bill of Rights is poised to become an issue in the presidential election — depending on whom you ask.
Michael Chiusano

Editor's Memo
John A. Marcille
Legislation & Regulation
HMOs, medical associations, and pharmaceutical companies should all expect more scrutiny regarding how they play the political game.
John Carroll
Compensation Monitor
Tomorrow's Medicine
The biotech field is booming and managed care is scrambling to level the playing field by creating competition.
Thomas Morrow, MD