Managed Care


April 2005

After years of short shrift from payers and insurers, substance abuse services get renewed interest. Health Plans in particular are re-evaluating their approach.
Martin Sipkoff
Health plans have much at stake as Congress moves to lay down the do’s and don’ts about use of info gathered via genetic testing.
Michael Levin-Epstein
The feds will help you launch a health plan for the elderly, but just what does it take to get something like this operating in so short a time?
Frank Diamond
Cadillac or Yugo care for the poor? Fee-for-service or managed care? The states have a lot on their minds as the Medicaid monster grows and grows.
John Carroll
This study is the first to estimate costs and medical resource use associated with restenosis involving bare metal stents in managed care percutaneous coronary intervention patients.
Mary Ann Clark, MHA

Legislation & Regulation
More and more health plans are being told that they need to do good if they want to do well. Is this fair? Are other industries forced to make charitable donations?
John Carroll
Medication Management
The e-prescribing movement is getting some new advocates --employers. Can the combined influence of plans, employers, and the government affect physician buy-in?
Martin Sipkoff
Tomorrow's Medicine
As new specialty pharmacy care becomes more dominant, companies devoted to managing these products and their associated costs are finding a market.
Thomas Morrow, MD
Employer Update
Disease management conference focuses on outcomes measures that address issues such as presenteeism that concern most health care purchasers
MargaretAnn Cross