June 2007

Substance abuse is an underlying cause or exacerbation of many health problems, but physicians are reluctant to confront patients

Lisa A. Higgins

Knowledge that oral health may affect overall health is prompting some plans to act

Frank Diamond

Too often, the patient doesn't learn — or doesn't remember — important things that can speed recovery

Lola Butcher

The United States' health care system needs consumer and market controls to succeed, but it can't rely on only those two factors
Insurers fear rising costs and poorer outcomes if members are less able to get appointments with family physicians and general internists

MargaretAnn Cross

Tomorrow’s Medicine
Questions about study design and analysis prompted the agency to postpone action on Provenge, a treatment for advanced prostate cancer

Thomas Morrow, MD

Employer Update
In board rooms across the country, decisions are being made to battle, rather than run from, rising costs of care

Lola Butcher

Medication Management
Overusing erythropoiesis-stimulating agents to collect rebates can be really bad for the patient. Ripping off taxpayers and private payers is another concern.

Martin Sipkoff

Legislation & Regulation
Critics say insurers fail to make a distinction between those who commit fraud and those who simply make mistakes

John Carroll